Andrew LePage And Tasha Ghouri Just Made A Massive Commitment To Each Other

Tasha got a ring for Christmas!


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Andrew LePage And Tasha Ghouri just took a major step in their relationship, and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Considering they only began seeing each other in the Summer during their stay in the Love Island villa, and are already living together, its safe to say their pretty serious. But this Christmas Andrew made his intentions clear, gifting Tasha a promise ring.

Sharing a glimpse of the stunning present on her YouTube channel, Tasha said: “Everybody is probably thinking this is an engagement box – Andrew got me a gorgeous promise ring and I love it so much.”

YouTube/ Tasha Ghouri

Promise rings date back to the ancient Romans, when couples had wait for a period of time before marrying, with the rings being used as a symbol of commitment. However, in modern times promise rings have taken on several different meanings, but signifying commitment, and often alluding to marriage in the the near future.

Could a possible Love Island on the the cards? Well, we’re hoping so!

But the couple did clarify that they weren’t engaged. With Tasha saying: “Promise rings you wear on the ring finger, I swear, but we’ll figure out which finger to put it on. But this means we’re not engaged. If you see me wearing it on my ring finger, it’s a promise ring.”

Before Andrew teased: “It won’t be long, just be patient.”


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A post shared by Tasha Amber Ghouri (@tashaghouri)

Either way Tasha absolutely loved her gift, admitting she was brought to tears by the kind gesture.

Saying: “It’s so simple and I love silver. I did not expect that at all, I started crying,”

“When I first saw the box I was like… because that is an engagement box… I don’t know what to say, no one’s ever done that for me before.”

“I love something meaningful like that and something special that I can just wear all the time. It’s linked to Andrew so that’s why I really love it.”


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