Apparently Some Love Island Hopefuls Are Ending Their Relationships To Get On The Show

Hmm, not the nicest way to breakup...

You read that right, according to The Sun, some Love Island hopefuls are trying to keep their relationships a secret from bosses in order to make it on the show.

Some possible contestants are ending relationships or hiding them in order to have a chance at stardom if they get chosen to enter the villa.

A source told The Sun that one applicant in particular told her partner they could get back together after the show, but wanted to take the opportunity if it arose…

But it looks like Love Island bosses are well used to the process and won’t be falling for any such stories. A source told The Sun, ”

“Love Island bosses has no interest in fame seekers. They’re savvy to Islanders who think the show is a quick fix to fame and fortune.

“As has always been the case, Love Island bosses cast single Islanders who are looking for love. Nothing else will fly with them. Viewers tune in to watch relationships blossom, it’s as simple as that.”

That is very true, we can’t wait to see who the new contestants are this season, which starts in just 26 days (and counting)! Although we have no confirmed cast members yet, we are hoping for an Irish contestant, because every season needs at least one for the craic, right?!

Keep your eye on our page for updates when we find out who’ll be on the show, we’ll be sure to let you know ASAP!


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