Apparently, This How Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Rekindled Their ‘Friendship’

Just friends, yeah? 👀👀

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the rumours that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are dating again.

Of course, many of us also remember their romance the first time around, back in the early noughties, when the two were engaged. ‘Bennifer’ as we so fondly dubbed them, A year after being engaged, the pair called off their 2003 wedding, and calling it quits for good another year later in 2004.

Seen as one of Hollywood’s golden couples, you can imagine fan’s excitement when paparazzi snaps of the two holidaying together emerged this week.

Although we’re yet to receive confirmation on their relationship status, we’re wondering how exactly the ‘reunion’ came about. Luckily for us, a source has spilt all the tea to TMZ sharing how exactly the two got chatting again, with Ben making most of the moves.

The source has said, with direct knowledge the publication adds, that Ben initially reached out to Jen through email while she was filming for an upcoming movie in the Dominican Republic in February of this year.

They went on to say that these emails were less ‘friendly’ and more ‘loving’ and ‘longing’ for Jennifer – way to play it cool, Ben.

The two then apparently continued to email back and forth until late April when shooting for the film wrapped. The source was also adamant that while the emails might have been a little steamy, the two did not meet in person at that time.


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As we know, Jennifer announced her split from fiance Alex Rodriguez in mid-April of this year. Just a few short weeks later she was first spotted hanging out with Ben, however, all insiders claimed that the two were just friends.

Their most recent trip together to Montana has suggested to fans that the two may in fact be more than friends and given the inside information we now have, we’re thinking there *may* just be a liiiitle more than meets the eye here.


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