Are Destiny’s Child Reuniting?

I don't think we handle this

It’s the stuff of 00s dreams, for many people Destiny’s Child was the epitome of their childhood and beyond, and now the trio are teasing their fans with a reunion.

Although they’ve been disbanded since 2006 (despite the occasional one-off reunion) the band’s social media headers have recently been changed, making fans wonder what on earth that could possibly mean.

With 15 years passing since we last heard new music from them, the slight social media change sent fans into a frenzy, hoping for the best. Wind of the ‘news’ soon went viral and now the group are trending on Twitter, with people doing the most to manifest some new music from the trio.

Whether the profile change ~means~ something cryptic or if it’s simply just a little freshen up, we’re hoping for the former but expecting the latter, and also having the lols at the absolute gas memes coming out of the situation.


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