Are Khloé Kardashian And Tristan Thompson Back On?

It would appear so...

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That face you make when _______

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It’s the celebrity drama saga that just continues to give. Just when you thought things were cooling down on the

Khloé/Tristan front, it’s time to think again, because fans are convinced that the two are very much back together. 

In case you’re unaware, although we’re sure you’re not because literally who on this planet isn’t, Khloé famously dumped Tristan back in February last year after he was caught wearing the face off Khloé’s younger sister Kylie’s best friend at a party. 

The drama was mighty, and everyone was very much team Khloé, because, why wouldn’t you be?

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❥ իմ սեր ❥ Im ser ❥ All my Love ❥

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But now, a year on from the mayhem, it seems that Khloé and Tristan may have laid the drama to rest and are slowly becoming an item again. 

How do we know this? Well, in recent months Tristan has been leaving some racy emojis underneath Khloé’s Instagram pictures, with the most recent one being just 2 days ago. 

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Khloé KoKo KhloMoney

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Sharing a v sexy snap in a thigh-high swimsuit, Tristan reacted to the picture with a string of wide eyes and winky emojis. 

Recently a fan also shared a shirtless picture of Tristan, tagging Khloé saying “You know what… I understand now girl”, to which Khloe responded with laughing faces. 

Now, would you respond to something like that with laughing faces if you weren’t getting back with someone? We’re just saying. 

According to Hollywood Life, a source claimed that Tristan is constantly sending flowers to Khloé’s home. 

‘Tristan’s Instagram compliments are only what the world sees. In real life he comes on even stronger.’

‘He sends flowers all the time. Her house is filled with flowers and a lot of them are from Tristan.’ 

Just recently it came to light that the Kardash/Jenner clan have forgiven Tristan for his actions, and are ready to accept him back into the pack, as he is of course the father of Khloe’s child, dream. 

In a trailer for the new KUWTK season, Kim is seen telling Khloé that she has invited Tristan to dinner, after recently crossed paths with him while in New York. 

Oh, how the plot thickens. 

In the meantime, we’ll keep you posted.


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