Ariana Grande And Piers Morgan Have Made Amends After Their Massive Twitter Fight

The two bumped into each other at a restaurant in LA.

Who could forget Ariana Grande and Piers Morgan’s massive Twitter feud that went down back in November?

If you’re a bit hazy on the issue, Ariana clashed with Piers after the presenter publicly slammed British girl group Little Mix and accused them of copying the Dixie Chicks in their Strip music video.

It all kicked off when Ari’s mam Joan had a go at Piers on Twitter, causing Ariana to chime in. It looked a bit like this:

Thought they’d hate each other forever after that encounter? Nope, because the two made amends in a restaurant in LA this week.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, Piers tweeted: “Thank u for a great night @ArianaGrande x.”

The 25-year-old replied: “thank u for some laughs and some v productive conversation ! it was nice bumping into u ! #FutureFeministPiers #FingersCrossed.”

When a fan asked what happened, Ari explained: “well………… we bumped into each other. at a restaurant. and i decided to sit with him and we spoke for a while.

“i think some progress was made! turns out face to face discussions are a bit kinder and gentler, even if you do indeed disagree. :).”

It just goes to show nobody can hate Ariana Grande..even Piers Morgan.


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