Ask James: ‘How Can We Keep The Spark Going During A Pandemic?’

James Kavanagh answers your questions as only a gas bitch can.

I met a guy just before we entered this pandemic. We were starting to get serious and now we can’t see each other. How can we keep the spark going? Jemma, Cork

Well look at it this way, if you can’t see each other then there’s no fear on either side of meeting anyone else! If the sparks were there, they’re gonna be there when this passes. In the meantime, catch-up on FaceTime, Google Hangouts, etc. Explore a bit of cam sex – and remember people, no screengrabbing! Take a leaf out of Alison Spittle’s CoVideoParty and agree on a time you both watch a film or a doc and perhaps WhatsApp each other your thoughts throughout, and it’ll (kinda) feel like you’re in the same room!

I’m not gonna lie, I’m v bored and have drained Netflix. Any ideas of what me and my two housemates can get up to to stay entertained? Andrea, Naas

I never thought I’d say it, but I’m mad for TikTok these days. I haven’t really made any videos, but it’s REALLY come alive during all of this. The content people are making is lit AF. Given you’re living with other people, there are loads of TikTok routines/dances that are ideally done with two or more people. Become TikTok superstars! Take a look at @niamhcullenxx’s TikTok for inspo, she’s nailing the trio content with the people that she’s locked up with.

I lost my job as a cook in a restaurant in town. Any ideas of what I can do in the meantime to prepare for going back to work? I want to maybe upskill or develop myself a bit. Sophie, Dublin

Myself and my boyf have lost a load of Currabinny cooking demo jobs we were due to do over the next few weeks, and it’s worrying and disheartening, but if we can, we need to look at this as an opportunity to grow and not shrink. Why don’t you look at building your online presence as a cook? Considering we’re mainly at home now, so many people are starved (pun intended) for cooking content and inspiration for meals to make at home. Get cooking and inspiring hungry people on Insta Stories, and by doing so, you’ll also be creating an online CV for yourself to get back to work as soon as this is over!


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