Ask James: ‘My Boyfriend’s Mate Keeps Sending Me Sexy Pics… And I Like it?’

James Kavanagh answers your questions like only a gas bitch can.

So my boyfriend’s mate keeps sending me sexy pics on instagram (the ones that disappear). Him lounging on his couch in boxers etc. I replied once or twice being like “Ehhh?” and he has claimed it was meant for someone else… but it keeps happening. Like, he’s pretty hot and the pics are gorge, but I don’t think this can go on… or can it? Gemma, Dublin

You sound like you’re in two minds. On one hand, you’re slightly bothered by the pics, on the other you’re sounding like Ariana: ‘Thank u, next’. Remember, virtual cheating is still cheating, so you need to decide whose D you want to hold on to; your boyfriend’s or your boyfriend’s friend’s (which will no doubt have a tricky start if that’s the path you choose). All the balls are in your court! Literally.

My best friend (Kelly) has this other friend (Ciara, who I’m not friends with – different circles). Kelly used to spend equal time with both of us. But now it’s deffo weighted more toward Ciara. How do I get my share of Kelly back? Rachel, Dublin

This happens a lot. But I think it’s just life. People drift in and out all the time and that’s fine. If Kelly isn’t spending as much time with you as she used to, you need to look at yourself too. Are you a bit distant? Are you being (maybe unknowingly) bitchy? Did you give her that taxi money back? Make yourself more available, and maybe suggest a lil threesome date with you all. Also, there are plenty of BFFs in the sea, maybe look to expand your girlo horizons.

A guy I’m seeing has started to irregularly ghost me. He’ll be all chatty and then the next day be completely off and not reply. Is he losing interest? Ciara, Dublin

As someone who has their phone in their hand CONSTANTLY, even I don’t reply to people straight away. There IS a difference between mindless scrolling on Instagram and communicating, and people have to stop expecting people to be accessible 24/7. It doesn’t sound like he’s ignoring you, he’s just being a human and not able to reply at a whim. Keep an eye on it, but you’re good for now, babes.


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