Awks! Piers Morgan Managed To Insult Himself While Trying To Drag JK Rowling On Twitter

Oh, Piers.

Piers Morgan is never short of an opinion or 20, a personality trait that has often gotten him in trouble in the past. (Remember last month when Ewan McGregor refused to appear on Good Morning Britain over host Piers’ controversial comments about the women’s march?)

Now, Piers Morgan’s straight-talking has again gotten him into another tight spot, and this time around the joke is very much on him.

It appears his longtime Twitter rival JK Rowling laid a bit of a trap for Piers on the social media site yesterday.

“Just been sent this! Could the writer let me know who he is? I’d love to thank him! #Valentines.” she wrote alongside a screengrab of an article gushingly detailing her successes and talents.

That’s when Piers chimed in and monumentally put his foot on it.

“Priceless #humblebrag BS,” he wrote in response to Rowling’s tweet. “Nobody plays the celebrity game more abusively or ruthlessly than you, Ms Intensively Private Billionaire.”

Why’s the joke on him? Well, as many Twitter users have pointed out, he is in fact the author of the article. Oops!

Further proof, that sometimes Piers, it’s just better to stay quiet.