Barry Keoghan Says He’s ‘Haunted’ By His Breakout Role in Love/Hate

Ah, god.

Top Boy - Barry Keoghan


Barry Keoghan may be flying high, winning awards and rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, but to us he’ll always be that young fella from Love/Hate.

And the Dubliner admits that he is “haunted” by his breakout role in the crime series.

Despite being over a decade ago, people still bring up the fact that he shot a cat in one of the episodes.

“I’ll never get away from that cat,” he told The Mirror.

“I was in the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey about two years ago. I think there was about 90,000 people there and someone pulled me and said ‘You’re the guy that shot the cat’. I just thought ‘Ah here, I’m halfway across the world and someone said it.'”

In fact, Vogue Williams brought it up during the BAFTA red carpet.

“I’ve loved Barry since Love/Hate. Even back then he creeped us all out by killing the cat, and he’s still doing it,” she said.

“We’ll never let him live that down but he has gone above and beyond in proving himself as one of the best actors out there at the minute.”

Truly, Barry will never get away from this iconic moment in Irish pop culture!