Behind The Scenes With Pippa O’Connor On Her STELLAR Magazine Cover Shoot

Fancy the inside track? Check out these exclusive behind-the-scene shots.

Pippa O'Connor behind the scenes

Pippa wears jumper, €675, Dries Van Noten; skirt, €245, Clover Canyon; shoes, €60, River Island.

We had the best ever time chilling behind the scenes on our August cover shoot with Pippa O’Connor, chatting all things beauty, blogging and Blank Canvas Cosmetics (the Pippa Palette, which launched yesterday, has sold out on pre-sale, which is incredible).

Pippa is exactly what you’d expect; super-smiley, incredibly chilled and oh-so laid back, that having her in to guest edit the issue was an absolute dream (no one tell our editor, Kirstie – Pippa was like the substitute teacher who’d let you away with murder but still get all the coursework done). Her online persona – if you follow her on Snapchat you’ll know she’s completely unaffected and totally, utterly normal – is not a persona at all, but is, in fact, what you’ll get if you spend a day in Pippa’s company.

Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty: yes, she really does have great skin; she gets her nails done by Michele Burke in Dundrum, “every two weeks”; she was just back from a trip to Ibiza with friends, so that golden glow is all her own; and no, we didn’t see her scoffing any Cadbury’s on set

Pippa O'Connor behind the scenes

There’s always time for pulling faces, right?

Pippa O'Connor behind the scenes

Top, €350, Day Birger et Mikkelsen; jeans, €235, Marc by Marc Jacobs; shoes, €80, River Island.

Pippa O'Connor behind the scenes

Say cheese! Pippa – wearing dress, €780, by Manley – and fashion ed Linda clowning around.

Pippa O'Connor behind the scenes

Hair stylist Joanne gets to work on some final touches!

Pippa O'Connor behind the scenes

Sitting pretty next to the gorgeous flowers provided by Mark Grehan of The Garden


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