Netflix’s You Is Coming Back On Stephen’s Day – Here’s Everything We Know About Season 2

Major spoilers for season one inside, be warned.

We know we’re not the only ones who inhaled Netflix’s You, starring Penn Badgley as a creepy stalker who goes to extremes to insert himself into a young woman’s life.

The series inspired countless tweets, memes, and thinkpieces, as well as dilemmas over whether we’re allowed fancy Penn as Joe Goldberg or not (he says no):

You had its detractors, but honestly, we loved how trashy, over-the-top and completely unrealistic it was. How’d Shay Mitchell’s Peach escape being hit over the head with a rock without so much as a scratch? How did Joe manage to avoid getting caught every damn time? Don’t know, don’t care! We just enjoyed the ride.

Yesterday, Netflix confirmed that the second season is dropping on St Stephen’s Day – here’s everything we know about it so far.

What loose ends have we got to tie up?

RIP to an icon

First, a quick recap of what happened at the end of the season – after Beck discovers the extent of Joe’s obsession with her, he locks her in his weird basement prison, then murders her.

He uses Beck’s memoir to frame their therapist Dr Nicky for the killing, but no doubt old Nicky is going to start making connections between his patient ‘Paul’ (AKA Joe) and what he knows about Beck. Don’t forget that Joe’s young neighbour Paco encountered Beck trying to escape the Basement of Doom – even if he doesn’t feel bad that Joe murdered his violent stepdad, how long is he going to keep quiet about seeing Beck?

There’s also the PI hired to investigate Peach’s death, who was extremely suspicious of Joe already… and the jar of Joe’s urine the police discovered on Peach’s estate.

Finally, Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candace, heavily implied to be dead, showed up in the bookshop at the end of the last episode. So far, so juicy!

What’s gonna happen to Joe?

In season 2, Joe ups sticks and heads to LA, for reasons that will become clear in the first episode.

There he finds a new romantic prospect in Love (yep, that’s her name), an aspiring chef working in a fancy grocery store. Like Joe, she’s not into social media, and the pair bond over grief.

You’s co-creator Sera Gamble told Cosmopolitan UK that Joe is actually heartbroken over Beck’s death, and isn’t actually looking for a new woman to obsess over, but Love offers him “a different kind of friendship and a different kind of relationship”.

Are all the rest of the cast coming back?

It seems like most of those who remain alive at the end of season one will be returning – Joe’s colleague Ethan, Paco and his mam, Beck’s besties Lyn and Annika, and her pretentious classmate Blythe (played perfectly by Hari Nef) will all reappear.

Elisabeth Lail, who played Beck, told Radio Times that she would not be coming back as a hallucination, as Candace had done:

I am sad to not continue that journey with [Penn]. The unfortunate thing is, the woman doesn’t win in the end… and I’m so sick and tired of that.

Joining the cast for season two is comedian Chris D’Elia, who will be playing a famous comedian (big stretch for him); The Haunting of Hill House’s Victoria Pedretti as Love; Russian Doll’s Charlie Barnett as Love’s BFF Gabe; and Gotham’s Robin Lord Taylor as Will, a character who may sniff out Joe’s dodgy past.

What’s Candace up to?

Anyone who has read the book the series is based on (You by Caroline Kepnes) will know that Candace was most definitely dead at the end of that story. But the writers decided to keep her alive for the show – for what, we’ve yet to find out.

Sera told Vulture that Candace (played by Ambyr Childers) is there to cause trouble for Joe: “I can say she’s not feeling particularly disposed to be nice to Joe. Joe wasn’t very nice to her, and she’s not feeling all that charitably towards him.” No shit.

We’ll be booking a spot on the couch to consume You season 2 along with our turkey sandwiches on Stephen’s Day. Who cares if it isn’t full of holiday cheer…


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