Bridgerton’s Claudia Jessie Wanted To Go To Clown College Before The Show

Lady Whistledown would defo have something to say about this!

Since it dropped on Netflix, we have all been busy binge watching every episode of Bridgerton’s second season, and it hasn’t disappointed. The costumes are just as fab, the story is as dramatic, and the actors are still brilliantly talented. So much so, it’s hard to believe that one of the stars actually had a dream other than life in front of the camera.

But it’s true as Claudia Jessie, who plays Eloise Bridgerton, actually wanted a very different life, considering becoming a clown. To be fair, if a Bridgerton was to run away with the circus it probably would have been Eloise.

Claudia explained her desire in an interview with The Big Issue, saying, “A clown is all I ever wanted to be. All I wanted to do growing up was make people laugh. I actually considered going to clown college in France for a long time.”

It’s easy to see why life performing as a clown would appeal to the actress, as she has a wicked sense of humour, something she shares with her character.  Although according to Claudia that’s all they share.

“I’m nowhere near as cool as Eloise. I never have been, I never will be. I most certainly was not that cool when I was 17, or 18. I was a nervous little mess. The only thing like we really do share is a sense of humour. Comedy is really the centre of my heart. I’ve got an insatiable desire to try and make people laugh. But Eloise, is cooler than that. She just does it. And I’m, ‘Please like me!’


But, despite her circus dreams, Claudia seems pretty happy with the life she has as an actress. Although acting isn’t her only passion as she is also very devoted to many social causes, a value she received from her mum.

As she explained, “I came to understand through watching my mother that we are all a hop, skip and a jump away from something really bad and really dangerous. Witnessing her work hard, then there would be bailiffs at the door. I remember all the times she had my brother under one arm, me under the other, whilst they were smashing the door she was like: they’ll go away soon, they’ll go away soon, we just have to hide.”

“Through my mum’s remarkable resilience, I realised that there’s something in giving your all. I started practising Buddhism when I was 17 years old. It really made me want to be the kind of person that could plant trees without ever enjoying the shade from them. You know, just doing something for the future.”



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