Brooklyn Beckham Addresses Cooking Video Hate

Beckham stays unbothered.

Image via Instagram @brooklynbeckham

Brooklyn Beckham has recieved his fair share of hate.

Son of iconic pop star Victoria and famous footballer David Beckham, the eldest of four has tried to take his career down a number of  different avenues.

Unfortunately, his many attempted passion projects haven’t always gone down that well with the public.

From barista-ing, to football, to photography, to styling, Brooklyn hasn’t seem to find his niche with anything; and now, he’s moved on to cooking.

In a number of cooking clips posted on his Instagram, the aspiring chef received a tirade of abuse.

A recent clip of the famous Beckham making fried chicken saw one commenter write, “What a well protected little baby; he has not put any effort to earn a thing in his life.”


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Another resurfaced clip in particular has brought widespread negative attention on Brooklyn, in which he shows himself making a classic American ‘grilled cheese’ toastie.

In the video from April, Brooklyn crisps up the sandwich in a frying pan, and then in a surprising move, decides to blow torch it at the very end.

Users flooded the comments to point out the somewhat random blow torch inclusion, with one writing, “LMAO THE BLOWTORCH”, and another saying “so extra for a sandwich”.

Other comments were more cruel, with users telling Brooklyn to get a “real job”, and chastising him for trying his hand at another new activity.


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However, despite the raised eyebrows, Brooklyn isn’t about to let the criticism get under his skin.

Speaking to Insider at the weekend, Brooklyn said, “To be honest, I’m used to the hate…it doesn’t really bother me.

“Cooking makes me happy,” he added. “I have more important things to worry about than people saying a little bit of rubbish about me.”

Brooklyn went on to explain that he’s not going to be shamed for trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life.


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“My message to [haters] is to keep writing whatever they want to write. There are always going to be people out there who try and pull you down,” he shared.

“I’m doing my thing and working my bum off. So they can keep writing what they want, but it’s not going to bother me — I’m just going to keep doing my thing.”

We love this attitude!

You do you, Brooklyn.