Brooklyn Beckham Peltz is hoping for 10 kids with new wife Nicola

There's could be a big Beckham-Peltz family in the future!

Newlyweds Nicola and Brooklyn Beckham Peltz have been busy enjoying married life. Running around Europe on their honeymoon, getting loved up tattoos, and the likes.

But despite having only said, “I do”, in April, Brooklyn is already thinking to the future and he has some big plans.

The chef revealed he is hoping to start a family soon, and would like 10 children.

Telling Entertainment Tonight, “I’ve always wanted to be a young dad and I would love to have a family soon, but whenever my wife is ready.”

Stressing how Nicola will be making all the big choices.

Explaining, “I could have like 10, but her body… it’s her decision.”

It seems starting a family has been playing on the former photographer’s mind recently, as he told Variety just a few weeks ago, “We would love to have a big family one day. We would love to have some of our own, and we would love to adopt. … It’ll be so cool to … have little Peltz Beckhams running around.”

Both he and Nicola come from big families. With Brooklyn having three siblings, while Nicole has seven brothers and sisters.


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But that isn’t the only thing Brooklyn and Nicola are considering for their futures.

With the chef telling Variety, how they have discussed a reality TV show, and would be more than happy to film one if the opportunity arose.

“I’ve always said to my wife, we should actually do a reality TV show, because she’s so funny”

“And we take the piss out of each other all the time. She sometimes doesn’t get my English humor.”


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