Brooklyn Beckham’s Fiancé, Nicola Peltz Gives Fans A Close Up Look Of Her Engagement Ring

The ring is worth a staggering £350k and is an emerald cut diamond.

Since Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz began dating they are not shy in showing their love for each other all over social media. However, since getting engaged last year we have yet to see any close up shots of Nicola’s engagement ring.

The actress shared a selfie this weekend where it can be seen up close, and well, it’s just as outrageous as we expected. The ring is worth a staggering £350k and is a stunning emerald cut diamond, plus a diamond encrusted band.

We’re not sure we could look quite so casual with a ring costing the same amount as a house chilling on our finger, but she does it so well!

The couple were supposed to be getting married in September of this year have recently decided to postpone their wedding until 2022, as the pair want to make sure they can celebrate in style, the way they had planned.

It is being reported that the pair want to hold two very extravagant ceremonies, one in the Beckham’s Costwolds’ residence and another in Florida, for Nicola’s friends and family.

If the ring is anything to go by, this wedding is going to be very far from low-key…


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