“Being In The Villa Was Very Similar To Being In Lockdown” Love Island’s Paige On Being Isolated With Boyfriend Finn

The Love Island winners are still enjoying their honeymoon phase.


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It seems like another lifetime when we were all going about our normal lives, running around on miserable January days and making sure we were home in time for Love Island at 9pm. Paige Turley and Finn Tapp were crowned winners of the first winter season of Love Island, and have gone from isolating from the outside world in a luxury villa to isolating in together at Paige’s family home in Scotland.

Naturally, we’re feeling pretty nosy about how they’re taking going from staying away from the outside world for the sake of a tv show, to being in lockdown just like the rest of us. “Being in the villa was very similar to being in lockdown. It was like “Right, we’re going back to the real world” and then this happened.” Paige tells Grazia.


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The pair have only spent four days apart since they met, so it’s not exactly ‘the norm’ when it comes to starting a new relationship. “It’s a very strange way to start a relationship,” she says. “I think it’d be hard for us to go then go back on that. We’re just so used to having each other now, he’s here like my right arm and we’re still kind of in that honeymoon period.”

“I think having Finn [here] has just made it so much easier,” Paige adds. “Maybe if I was self-isolating I would have struggled a bit more but we’ve been quite lucky that we have each other.” Continuing to talk about how they’re getting on in isolation, Paige says “We’re just trying to get up and get dressed, the first couple of days we spent as couch potatoes, watching Netflix and eating Pot Noodles. I mean, it was good fun for the first couple of days, but we cannot spend however long in lockdown like that.”

Paige then spilled that they’ve finally received the prize money that they won on Love Island. “We’ve actually had our hands tied, so by the time we’d received it we were already in lockdown. We’ve not really had the chance to go on a shopping spree.” Ah, shopping sprees, something we’re all looking forward to!


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