Gemma Collins To Star In New Reality TV Show ‘Diva On Lockdown’

I'm claustrophobic, Darren!

Just when you thought the GC was in hiding during lockdown, she’s found a way to turn it into a clever little mini series, following her around while she deals with the pandemic.

Altering the show Diva Forever –¬†which she was working on before quarantine, Gemma has decided to keep the show filming but instead, it will focus on her life in lockdown rather than her days spent mingling with celebs and searching for her dream home.

Speaking about the show’s change of direction, ITVBe said:

“Before the lockdown, successful business woman Gemma Collins was searching for her new dream home and not only rubbing shoulders with famous faces, she was also mixing in Royal circles.

“With Gemma closing the doors to her Brentwood shop, will the lockdown put her dream home and future in jeopardy?”

The show will follow Gemma around with rigged cameras throughout her house, documenting her every move as she deals with the daily struggles of lockdown.

A series that we can expect to be fuelled with drama and hilarious GC one-liners, the 39-year-old spoke about the new show herself saying:

“We were in the middle of filming my new series of Diva with loads of exciting stuff planned. But as you know, we’ve found ourselves in the middle of a pandemic. So here we are now…

“I’m standing in my living room, with fixed rig cameras all over my house to bring you Diva on Lockdown. You want the GC, so the GC found a new way of working. You’re going to see everything that I do in isolation. We’ll all be on our journey together.”

Although we’ve no confirmed date yet for Diva On Lockdown, the show is in the middle of being filmed and so, we’re expecting it sooner rather than later – yeow!