Good News Britney Fans, Britney Is Returning To Music After Six Year Break

Oops, she's doing it again!


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There’s no denying that Britney Spears is a music icon. She has produced hit after hit with the likes of Hit Me Baby, Oops I Did Tt Again, Toxic, Circus, Gimme More, Lucky, Me Against the Music, and Womanizer, just to name a few.

But it has been six years since her last album, Glory. In 2019, Brit refused to work on any new music, as an attempt to end the conservatorship she was placed under by her family. The conservatorship greatly limited Britney’s autonomy, with her finances and personal life reportedly being heavily controlled.

But her conservatorship was ended in 2021, which has got many fans wondering about the possibility of new music. While it would make sense that Britney would rest and recover following 13 years of very limited control over her life. It seems that’s not the case and Britney is ready to make some new music.

A source close to the singer told The Sun, “It is very early days and Britney isn’t putting any pressure on herself to release an album right away or anything, but her team are putting feelers out about the prospect of new music.”

While it is fantastic news that we might be getting more music from the icon, what’s even better is how much say Britney reportedly has in the process now. The source explained, “several people who she feels comfortable working with have been contacted and asked if they would like to work on music with Britney again and everyone seems pretty keen to be involved.”

Highlighting what a passion Britney has for music and how it is helping at this time, they revealed, “She has been through an incredibly tough few years but deep down she does love making music and performing so to have some new music out there could really help her turn over a new leaf.”

For the new album, Britney will reportedly be working with songwriter and producer Claude Kelly, who has worked with stars like Whitney Houston, Bruno Mars, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, and Kesha.

He and Britney go way back, having worked together on her sensational 2008 album Circus.

Britney is tied with Rihanna and Madonna for the female musician with the most number 1 songs on the Irish charts. The three girls have eight chat topping songs each. So considering how beloved her music is, we’re pretty sure her next album would impress.


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Of course, music isn’t Brit’s only focus at the moment. She and her long time boyfriend Sam Asghari got engaged in September 2021. Since then, the pair have been loved up and planning their wedding.

While not a lot is known about their big day yet, Britney has shared some details. She revealed on Instagram that her wedding dress is being designed by none other than Donatella Versace.

She also asked her fans on IG for some wedding advice surrounding the location. Explaining in a video, “We have a predicament. I have no idea where we want to get married. We don’t know if we want to get married in Italy, Greece, Australia or New York City.”

Before Sam suggested, “Why don’t you ask the fans?” He then commented on the post with the US flag. So it seems like New York might be the most likely location choice for the pair.

No matter what Brit is doing, let’s just hope she is having fun and enjoying herself!

Words by Sláine McKenna

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