It Looks Like We’ve Confirmation That Addison Rae And Bryce Hall Have Split Up

The pair appear to be going their separate ways.


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It’s been a wild few weeks for Addison Rae and Bryce Hall, with rumours and breakup theories flying around.

But fans now think they may have split for good after noticing Bryce did some sneaky deleting on his Instagram timeline.

The TikToker seems to have deleted the latest photo from the grid of himself and Addison.

The cute black and white pic uploaded recently is now gone and it’s unclear whether he deleted more before that.

The snap was high up near the top of his grid, leading fans to believe he wanted to start a clean slate and keep pics with Addison further down the timeline.

Similarly so, Addison also deleted a recent photo with Bryce Hall posted on Valentine’s Day. The photo of the two of them on a night out with the caption “My sugaboo, I’m levitating”, is no longer visible on her feed.
A couple of days ago, paparazzi Kevin Wong also asked Bryce for a “Braddison update” for fans of the pair. Seeming coy, Bryce said that until the both of them speak out on the matter, not to expect anything; which of course, lead fans to believe the pair were in fact, split up.

Earlier this month, Bryce was accused of cheating on Addison in Las Vegas while filming.

Bryce denied the rumours straight out.

One of the girls he was rumoured to have been with is Samantha Salvador, aka Saiviantha. She denied anything went on between them and even said that Bryce “acted like he had a girlfriend” when they were hanging out.

However, since all of that went down, neither Bryce nor Addison have posted about each other or been seen in public.

Two weeks ago, Addison said she wanted to take some time out to work on her offline life.


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“I love y’all and am always so grateful for the kind words and support you show me. sharing my life with y’all makes me happy, but some things I choose to handle offline,” she said on her Story at the time.

She continued, “when and if I want to share, I will make that decision. Thank you again for the love and support.

“Hate is never the answer,” she ended with.

Who knows what exactly is going down, but with the photo deletes and the no comment, it looks as though the pair have decided that it’s not meant to be!

Whatever the outcome, we’ll keep you updated as the story continues…