Love Island’s Demi Jones And Luke Mabbot Are Rowing Over Their Breakup

Things are getting messy.


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Months after their break up, things are getting messy online between 2020 Love Island couple Demi Jones and Luke Mabbot. The pair got into a bit of a row on social media after Demi suggested that Luke had cheated on her with current girlfriend Lucie Donlon.

In a Q&A on Demi’s YouTube channel, she spoke about their breakup which happened back in May, saying that Luke meeting Lucie may have been the reason behind their break up, not being kept apart due to lockdown.

Explaining that they only had two weeks together before lockdown, then they began to speak less and less, Demi said “As time went on over lockdown, I wasn’t really getting my energy reciprocated so I was getting left on read quite frequently, I wasn’t really getting any phone calls, texts or nothing.

“And then all of a sudden, he rang me out of the blue and was like ‘I need to end it, I need to end it now.’ It was quite sudden which I was quite taken aback by, and it then all came out in the press very quickly.”


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She continued, “Very shortly after, I actually received some photos via my DM from a fan that had spotted Luke and Lucie in Cornwall together. I actually never told Luke this because I didn’t want beef but I saw it and this was literally less than two weeks after the public breakup.

“I went back and went through all of Lucie’s profile to see if there was anything on there to see that they are together, and I noticed all of these cryptic captions with loads of ‘shhh’ emojis and about getting butterflies and secret eyes.

“I put two and two together and obviously they must have started talking during lockdown. He then obviously wanted to meet up with her or maybe was already meeting up with her, I don’t know, and that’s why he suddenly wanted to cut it [their relationship].”


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Luke then responded to Demi’s video on his Instagram Stories, denying that cheating was the reason behind the breakup. He explained that after they left the villa, they didn’t speak for a week and it was then that he decided to call quits on their relationship.

“…so it wasn’t out of the blue, we didn’t talk for a week and I thought I need to ring her and explain that we’re not going to pursue any further, which I did, and she said ‘can you wait three weeks for my clothing brand to launch to get publicity around it’.”

“Me and Demi split up on 29 May,” Luke continued. “Lucie checked with me a couple of days or a week after to see if I was single. We went on a date June 17, which wasn’t in Cornwall. I don’t know where she’s got Cornwall from… It’d just like to squish it now – get it over and done with.”

So, there we have it lads and ladies!