Love Island’s Shannon Singh Feels ‘Humiliated’ After Reunion Show

The Islander broke down in tears while reminiscing over the night.

After Sunday night’s reunion show, one which received a lot of criticism online as being “stiff”, “awkward”, “cringe” and “pointless”, it’s no wonder Shannon Singh is feeling a little bit uneasy while reminiscing about the night.

Taking to the streaming platform Twitch, Shannon let her feelings out with tears in her eyes, discussing how she felt like she wasted her time.

“I just feel like the show has completely mugged me off, if I’m completely honest. Last night I was really angry as I sat about for nine hours all day. They mic’ed me up, briefed me on questions and then completely disregarded me, which was fine.


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“I just thought, after how they dumped me, I thought I’d get some better treatment. But yeah.”

On the night, host Laura Whitmore handed out awards titled the “vibe awards” to Islanders for the most dramatic moments, funniest clips and the likes, with Shannon winning the award for quickest stint on the show – something which she wasn’t too pleased about.

“Again, to humiliate me in front of everyone, I took it [the award] on the chin, because I made a joke of it anyway.

“I just thought it was really unnecessary to be honest. It was kind of bullying, a little bit. It’s done.”

Adding that the only reason she went was to catch up with fellow Islanders, Shannon added that she wanted to thank fans for their support, continuing to note that “life goes on”.