Modern Family Fans Cannot Believe How Grown Up Aubrey Anderson-Emmons Is IRL

So, you're telling me Lily's not a baby anymore??

When we think of Lily on Modern Family, we think of the small but sharp little girl who always brought laughter to the show.

She was funny, dry and always kept her parents Cam and Mitchell on their toes.

The show then ended in 2020 and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons was about 12 when the series finished up.

Now, maybe it was because we’re used to seeing her playing a little girl but we certainly weren’t expecting Aubrey to look so grown up just a year after the show ended.

Like, Lily? Is that you?

Fans couldn’t believe their eyes when they noticed how grown up the star has got, with many doing a double take to make sure it was actually her!

The actress turned 14 in June and seems to be enjoying being a normal teenager, if her TikTok and Instagram is anything to go by.

Well, if this isn’t a sign that we need Modern Family back on our screens to see Lily navigate teen hood, I don’t know what is. Give the people us what we deserve!


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