Molly-Mae Hague Admits She Wants A Wedding Ring ‘Soon’ On New Podcast

Listen up, Tommy!


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Ever since entering the Love Island villa in 2019, Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury have been our favourite couple, and their relationship has only gotten stronger over the years. The pair already live together and are constantly sharing their sweet gestures on social media. And now it seems Molly-Mae is prepared to take the next step.

Speaking on the Pretty Little Thing’s Behind Closed Doors Podcast, Molly-Mae revealed she feels ready for marriage and gushed about how excellent their relationship is.

While on the podcast, she explained, “I’d like a ring soon, please… at some point. ”

In the past, Molly-Mae had been less open to marriage. However, she explained what changed her mind, “I am still the perfect girlfriend, me and Tommy that’s like a whole other thing, we hardly knew each other back then.”

“We were just getting started and now we’ve been together 2 and a bit years and it’s been the best 2 and a bit years of my life with everything with my work, with my relationship.”


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So their relationship is obviously strong. But what does Tommy think about their future?

It’s safe to say he see marriage in the pair’s plans. During an Instagram Q&A back in July, Tommy was asked when he would propose and responded, “pretty soon.” He already calls Molly-Mae, his wife, on social media, and the couple has been spotted looking at engagement rings.

So perhaps our Instagram feeds will be full of cute engagement shoot pics soon!


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Marriage is hardly a crazy idea. Molly-Mae and Tommy have been together for 2 years now, making them a rare Love Island couple to stand the test of time.

The couple moved into a Manchester apartment together and met each other’s families soon after leaving the villa in 2019. So things have been serious for a long time now.

The pair’s relationship has gone from strength to strength, and they are now hunting for their dream home.

The couple is well equipped to handle any challenges that may aries and are great problem solvers. In the same podcast, Molly-Mae spoke about the struggles of having a relationship in the public eye and how she and Tommy handle it and cope, showing just how secure their connection is.


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She explained, “As long as Tommy and I know what’s going on in our relationship which we always do, people can say whatever. It takes a lot to upset me.”

“Were really strong in our relationship like that’s one part in my life that I’m extremely secure in, there’s other things I worry about all the time but my relationship just isn’t one of them.

“Every night I go to bed just knowing that I always say that I could chuck my boyfriend in a club with loads of girls and he’s just not bothered about other girls, he’s so for me and I just love that.”

Words by Sláine McKenna