Molly-Mae Hague Showcases New Teeth After Dental Work To Make Them ‘More Natural’

The Love Islander got all her composite bonding removed at the weekend.


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Molly-Mae Hague admitted that in recent months, she has been on a “journey to becoming more natural”.

After getting all of her filler removed, filler which she began getting aged 19 years old to make herself look “older”, Molly-Mae admitted that it’s one of her biggest regrets and now, is thankful that it’s all dissolved. In the past year the 21-year-old has got her lips and chin filler removed and now, she’s on to her teeth.

Admitting that over the weekend she had some dental work done, Molly-Mae revealed on TikTok that she got the composite bonding taken off her teeth to reveal their more natural shape. Removing the composite bonding means removing the sqaure and symmetrical shape to give rise to each tooth’s natural shape.


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Speaking in a recent YouTube video ahead of the procedure, the former Islander said that she was also going to record the whole process of getting her composite bonding removed, filming all the steps and showing her before and after.

This procedure follows Molly-Mae’s recent removal of her hair extensions for a more natural, shorter look.

Admitting that she got all her hair taken out for a commercial shoot, the star couldn’t believe fans reactions to her new hair, with close friends like Maura Higgins even chiming in that they preferred it way more.


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As the brand ambassador for Beauty Works with her own curl kit, haircare and extension collabs, the Love Island runner up is often see sporting super long hair and promoting the Beauty Works brand, however, her new drastic chop could now be one that’s staying as the star thanked fans for their “surprising love” on the lewk.

We’re all for it.


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