Molly-Mae Hague Trends On Twitter Following Italy Trip Backlash

The 21-year-old vowed to 'never share an opinion on anything ever again'.


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Molly-Mae Hague isn’t happy following the latest onslaught of criticism from fans.

It all started after a work trip to Venice, Italy for Beauty Works, when the Love Island star took to her Instagram Stories to reveal that she’s not overly gone on Italian food following her three days of travel.

Adding that she has tried the food in various spots and now, various cities across the country, Molly-Mae triggered fans when she added that she doesn’t get the Italian food hype.

“It’s meant to be the home of pizza and pasta and I really can’t see how! Strange,” the star wrote on Instagram.

But Molly-Mae’s comment wasn’t long live when people started to vent their anger, explaining that she shouldn’t be travelling around Italy during a pandemic and that it’s “unfair” to criticise the country’s food.

However, with hundreds of tweets in the space of a couple of hours, many also jumped to Molly-Mae’s defence, saying there are “bigger issues to focus on”.

Noticing that she was trending on Twitter, Molly-Mae asked fans to remind her to “never share an opinion on anything ever again”, before tweeting that people need to remember to not be so cruel online.

Molly-Mae added that this week has been the “worst” for her after various stints in and out of hospital. Not explaining why she’s been unwell this week, the Love Islander said she’d reveal all in her next YouTube video.


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