Remember Big Brother’s John James? Yeah, He’s On Love Island Australia Now

Sure you'd hardly recognise him

Ah, 2010. Times were simple back then. There was no virus sweeping the globe, Donald Trump was nothing more than a reality TV star, and Big Brother was at its absolute peak, bliss.

If, like much of the nation, you watching Big Brother that year, you’ll remember a tall, blonde, Australian man who stole yours, and Josie Gibson’s heart. Well, that tall, blonde, Australian man is back on screens again, but this time he’s a less blonde and more muscle.

Since Love Island UK was cancelled this summer, leaving a villa shaped hole in our hearts, the Australians have come through for us and are reshowing season one of their own version of the reality show, which was filmed back in 2018. Having a look at the line-up on the show, there was one face in amongst the toned-tanned clones that stood out to us – it’s only bloody John James!

Proving to be quite the reality TV connoisseur, James is now taking part in Love Island Australia, and tbh, looks like an entirely different person.

Far removed from his BB days, John James now works as DJ back in Australia, and upon entering the Love Island villa he said that he ‘doesn’t have a type’ (Aww), because he’s ‘dated them all’ (oh…).

You might remember John Jame’s whirlwind romance with fellow housemate Josie Gibson during their season 11 BB stint. Well, John and Josie went on to date after leaving the house, even going as far as making their relationship official a few months later.

The two did part ways eventually though, with Josie claiming that John cheating was the reason they broke up.

Josie has gone on to welcome a son with her partner Terry, and can still be seen on TV with regular presenting stints on This Morning. 



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