Ryan Tubridy Shares Fond Memory Of Meeting Meghan Markle In Washington, DC

The Late Late Show host was all praise for Meghan and Harry following their Oprah interview.

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In light of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s sit-down interview with Oprah, RTE’s Ryan Tubridy has opened up about the time he met Meghan in real life.

Having nothing but praise for the former actress, Ryan recalled the short chat he had with the 39-year-old several years ago, saying that she was a ‘pleasant’ and ‘warm’.

Speaking on his RTE Radio 1 show he said:

“Obviously I love to name drop the fact that I met her in Washington once upon a time for between about 90 seconds and two minutes for a chat as she was introduced”

“All I’ll tell you from that brief engagement with her, well she was very charming and very pleasant and very warm.”

“But that’s it, you probably need a bit more time with somebody to get the measure of them and the same could be said of me, I have no doubt.”

Going on to speak about her interview which aired on RTE last night, Ryan said that Meghan and Harry’s exit from the Royal Family is fascinating whether you have an interest in the monarchy or not.

“‘Is it not fascinating? Hundreds and hundreds of years of intrigue and fascinating people and drama and now we have this big civil war within this family”

“It’s a funny story because some people will say, ‘I simply don’t care. Royal family, don’t care. Big castles for what? Means nothing to me, it’s over there. It’s a soap opera with crowns, beat it”

“That’s why it’s so dramatic and that’s why it’s been sold to 68 countries around the world”

“Look at the popularity of The Crown, that’s the drama, this is real life.”


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