The Love Island Ladies Just Revealed Some Random Celebrity Connections

A follow by Justin Bieber and a block by Paris Hilton - erm, please divulge...

PSA, this is your sign that if you’re not watching Love Island on a Saturday night, it’s time to start.

And before you say it doesn’t air on Saturday nights, we’re on about Unseen Bits, the recap show that includes loads of bits (quel surprise) and funny moments that didn’t make the cut for the Sunday to Friday show.

On last week’s Unseen Bits, Millie and Chloe revealed some random celebrity connections that might surprise you.

Firstly, Chloe revealed that Paris Hilton has blocked her on Twitter and she has no idea why.

Obviously, the Islanders have no access to what’s going on in the outside world so the block must have come some time before Chloe joined the show and became a major talking point online.

Why did the Heiress block Chloe? Well, even she doesn’t know.

“I’m blocked by Paris Hilton and I don’t even know why,” she said.

“Blocked on Twitter I can’t see any of her tweets or anything. I love her. I really don’t think I’d ever have done anything, but obviously I did,” she added.

But, she’s not the only Islander with a celeb connection, this time a more pleasant one, as Millie confessed she’s followed by the Biebs.

Admitting that Justin Bieber follows her on Twitter, Millie is fully aware as to why and it’s gas.

“I used to have a fan account for him and he followed me on it.”

Admitting that she no longer has the log in details for the account, Millie added that she’s almost sure the Biebs still follows the account.

As you can imagine, fans are now on a hunt to find the stan account in question and we’ll report back if it happens to crop up. Too good.

Love Island returns tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One