Thoughts? SJP Has Her Eyes On This Star To Replace Kim Cattrall In SATC Reboot

Apparently, Sarah Jessica Parker is looking for a big name to fill Samantha's equally big (and absent) shoes!

Since we heard that Sex And The City was actually coming back to our screens in some capacity, it’s safe to say we haven’t stopped talking about it.

Yes, that’s probably due to the fact that the news of the reboot has come with some drama. We know that Kim Cattrall isn’t reprising her role as the iconic Samantha amid rumoured “feud” with colleague Sarah Jessica Parker, Chris Noth’s Mr Big is also on the rocks with rumours that he’s getting the axe, meanwhile John Corbett confirmed he will reprise his role as Carrie’s ex Aidan Shaw and oh, we’ve also been told that the show is in fact a “revisit” not a “reboot” with the name And Just Like That.

So, yeah, plenty for you to digest there if you weren’t already up to speed. It has been a busy couple of months since we got show confirmation and well, the gossip is still coming.

With the character of Samantha said not to return in any shape or form, it’s believed Sarah Jessica Parker is looking at another acting heavy hitter to replace Kim Cattrall and well, it looks like she’s got eyes on her on screen male equivalent.

None other than Hugh Grant.

Speaking to The Mirror, a source said:

“Sarah Jessica has it in her head that she needs a big – and I mean big – male star in the SATC reunion ensemble.

“At the top of SJP and HBO Max’s wish list to join the series is Hugh Grant, who loves the show and had a great time working with Sarah Jessica in the past, and with HBO just last year on his massive hit The Undoing.

“And the money’s there to bring in Hugh and pay him his full freight,”the source continued.

Well, there you have it! Could we see Hugh taking to the screen with SJP once again? Well, all we do know is that we’re going to be waiting, without any official release date yet, the show is only set to start filming this spring so it looks like it’ll be mid 2022 before we see it on our screens.