What We Know So Far About Paul Mescal’s Upcoming Film, The History Of Sound

Nonstop, that man.

Paul Mescal Pic: Chicken Shop Date

Paul Mescal may just be the busiest man in Hollywood.

He has plenty of projects in the works after he just finished filming the sequel to Gladiator, and he’ll also appear in Hamnet with Jessie Buckley.

And now we know the Maynooth man’s next role – he’s nonstop!

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Paul will star alongside The Crown actor Josh O’Connor in the Oliver Hermanus adaptation of The History of Sound.

So what can we expect from the film?

Well, it’s an adaptation from a novella which is set during World War I and follows two young men who decide to record the voices and songs of their countrymen, giving a striking insight into their lives. As they work together to log these fascinating stories, the two men begin to fall in love.

Paul will play the role of Lionel and Josh will play David, but we don’t have the rest of the cast just yet!

While the film has been talked about since 2021, it has only started filming this month. So it looks like we’ll have a long wait before this hits cinemas.

But we can’t wait for this!