Ciara O’Doherty Had The Perfect Response When A Follower Called Influencers ‘Lazy’

'We are often very good at making it look easy...'

Ciara O’Doherty clapped back over the weekend after someone asked if she finds that being an influencer is a ‘lazy’ job.

The social media star, who has been working online for 10 years, had no problem answering the question, and let’s just say points were made…

Replying to a Q&A on her Instagram stories, Ciara wrote:Β  β€œIf this job was as easy as you claim, then everyone would be doing it? It’s an industry just like any other out there (although this industry happens o be female-dominated and is estimated to be worth a whopping 15 billion in 2022) so wouldn’t you imagine there’s a bit more intelligence and strategy behind it than just pretty pictures and videos you see?”

β€œYou’re looking at the finished product, not the process that’s required to create it. Glad to hear I’m making it look effortless though,” she joked.

She then added, that she doesn’t mind the question or takes it personally writing: β€œIt’s ok if you think influencers are lazy, to be fair, we are often very good at making it look easy and often only show the fun parts.”

β€œBut get this, it’s not our duty to prove to you that we work hard,” she explained.

Speaking about the assumption that social media stars get paid to look pretty, she added: β€œOn the subject on money, and the idea that influencers get paid too much money just for wearing clothes… yes sometimes I get paid to wear clothes and photograph them but here’s the kicker, brands are no paying me (or any other influencer) JUST to wear a dress. Any job in any industry is essentially an exchange of power.”

She went on to say that brands who pay her do so because they know she spends time building her following and that this is valuable to brands. Ciara explained that she only works with brands she can trust.

β€œSo depending on how you want to look at it, no I do not get paid to just wear a dress, and the fact that I also look pretty f*cking cute in that dress is besides the point entirely.”

Ciara makes a pretty valid point, you can’t make any assumptions about the work someone puts into their job, based on social media posts alone. You shouldn’t assume people are lazy or have it easy because their Instagram page is pretty, and actually, it might be the exact opposite, where it looks effortless and cute because of all the work that went in.

Because social media influencers are predominantly female, it’s unfortunately seen by some people as fun and easy, which is sadly an example or sexism in modern society.

So be kind to people online who are working hard β€˜k?’