Danica Taylor Wished She Had Confronted These Islanders Over Rude Behaviour

Our business formal queen Danica might need to send a strongly worded email!


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It’s nearly been one week since Love Island appeared on our screens and, of course, we are missing it dearly. Luckily we can still catch up with our favourite islanders, as they live their best lives outside the villa.

Like our business formal queen Danica Taylor, who has been loving life following the show. She’s partying at the best clubs, and spending time with her new beau Jamie Allen.

But it isn’t perfect. After existing, Danica has been catching up on the show, and was left unimpressed with some islanders’ behaviour.

Speaking on the On Demand Entertainment show, the dancer revealed she wasn’t happy with Paige Thorne’s attitude towards her. Citing when she and Antigoni were vulnerable for elimination, and Danica was saved. During the incident Paige looked visibly annoyed Danica was staying.


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With Danica explaining, “Not gonna lie now I’ve watched it back, I’ve seen how Paige was when Antigoni left and it was very clear she wanted me to go.”

Sharing how it was only when she watched the show did she notice Paige mouthing things to the other contestants after Danica was saved.

Saying, “I wish I’d said, ‘hang on do you know how that makes me feel? I’ve done nothing wrong. And you’re blatantly mouthing things across the firepit to insinuate like what the hell why is Danica┬áhere?’ but again I’ve had time to move past that.”

“But in the moment, looking back, I wish I’d said things.”


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While the 21-year-old did manage to find love in villa, the experience wasn’t all good as her relationship with some of the girls left her feeling upset.

Confessing: “I felt quite sad watching – I let a lot of things slide. The girls didn’t really warm to me, I felt that it in there but I just got on with the experience.”

“Watching it back, I’m not angered but I wish I’d just said, ‘you’re not going to be rude to me.'”


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However, she stressed the situation was better now and reminded fans there was no need to be cruel.

Saying, “It’s all cool now. I left the villa feeling like my big dysfunctional family. I’ve got a lot of love, it’s just watching it back you’re a bit like…. hm.'”

“But it’s all cool. Luca and Paige don’t deserve the hate they got or are getting.

“People have their opinions, I’m not saying they are wrong for what they are thinking. But living with people you see all sides to them.”

Danica also opened up about how she was treated by Luca Bish.


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Danica coupled up with the fish monger when she first entered, but he was already pretty serious with Gemma Owen. Luca then refused to get to know Danica and slept outside.

Emphasising that she has moved now, the reality star shared how hurt she was at the time.

Explaining, “There’s nothing I’d bring up now, I finished the experience and know them all a lot better and we’ve hashed out anything we need to, but at the time I wish I’d said to Luca, ‘you’re not going to be rude to me like that.'”

“Again, me and Luca now it’s cool. We’ve had time to move past it but I wish I’d said something at the beginning.”