Date With My Plate: We Meet The Besties Behind YUMible – The Healthiest And Hella Inspiring Insta Feed

Extolling the virtues of cayenne pepper and courgetti, Gigi and Anna let us in on their edible lives, both sides of the Atlantic.



Pilates instructor, Gigi Tynan, and foodie fanatic Anna O’Sullivan are the brains behind YUMible – a health and fitness platform designed to help us navigate the world of wheatgrass and workouts. But there’s more, while Gigi lives in Dublin and teaches at uber slick core conditioners, Platinum Pilates, Anna is based in Brooklyn where she works at Clean Platesa company that focuses on new food culture.

Intrigued by what they actually eat, and secretly wondering if their diets differ given that the girls are separated by a big body of water, we caught up with the duo to document their plate game. And guys, you’re in for a treat.

Gigi Tynan



“I usually begin my day with hot water and lemon. If I have time, I’ll try fit in a 15 minute pilates or yoga session. After that I’ll have a green juice which I make up from a handful of spinach, hemp protein, chia seeds, lemon juice, one whole orange and some water.”


“Next it’s brekkie – overnight chia seeds soaked in almond milk with oats, sunflower seeds, blueberries and desiccated coconut. I also take two spirulina tablets and a tablespoon of fish oil with evening primrose.”


“My ultimate favourite… COFFEE!! As much as I’ve tried, I can’t give up my daily cup – my love is an almond milk cappucino. Today I stopped in Urban Health to grab a coffee and a protein ball.”


“After teaching I’m always famished so I popped into Brownes in Sandymount for poached eggs, smoked salmon, spinach and avocado. I try to follow a wheat-free diet so this dish is great to fill me up and stop me snacking.”


“Dinner was turkey marinated in olive oil, lemon, chilli and garlic with some grated sweet potato and salad.” I treated myself to some Lindt dark chocolate and a glass of red wine for dessert!”


Anna O’Sullivan

Lemon- Cayenne-Hot-Water-Date-With-My-Plate-Anna-O'Sullivan-Yumible

“I half force myself into sticking with my warm water, lemon and cayenne pepper ritual every morning. It’s so tempting to go for food as soon as you get up but if you drink this on an empty stomach, it’s a great stimulant for the liver – our body’s main detoxing organ. Combining cayenne pepper with lemon increases the drink’s detoxing effect by raising the temperature of the body, thus speeding up your metabolism.”


“Next it’s a spirulina smoothie – it’s usually ice, coconut water, a thumb-sized piece of ginger, a spoonful of spirulina, a squeeze of lemon or lime juice and whatever fruit or veg I have in my fridge. I buy all my fresh produce at my local farmers market in Brooklyn every Saturday – I can barely make it home with the weight of all my bags!”


“I love tea – I must have about five cups of herbal tea a day and I always have one cup of Barry’s. I don’t drink or eat dairy – I make my own almond milk (and almond butter) and I love it’s nutty flavour. I’m addicted to medjool dates with almond butter – they’re my tea snack of choice.”


“I have always been one to make my own lunches. I hate having to go to a deli or cafe, queue up and spend silly money on things I know I can make, healthier and tastier, myself. I usually bring in a jar of mixed salad. Today I have kale, grated beetroot, cherry tomatoes, avocado and a scoop of homemade hummus.”


“Since moving to New York, I have turned pretty much vegan and adopted a plant based diet. The meat here is kind of scary, what with growth hormones and antibiotics. For dinner I often make courgetti, toasted almonds, cherry tomatoes and homemade pesto. I’ve taken to using my spiraliser A LOT – it’s great for getting more raw vegetables into your diet.”