Demi Lovato Fans Are NOT Happy About Her Recent Nudes Leak Scandal And Are Protecting Her At All Costs

Don't mess with the Lovatics

In recent years many A listers have fallen victim to hacking, with the infiltrators sharing some of their most intimate conversations, pictures and videos for the world to feast on.

The latest victim of online hacking happens to be Demi Lovato. Hackers managed to secure her snapchat account, getting a hold of a number of intimate photos, and sharing them with the world.

Luckily for Demi her team quickly regained control of her account and managed to take down the pictures before everyone and their mother saw them.

But, it seems that Demi not only has her team on her side, but her fans too.

Taking to Twitter to express their disgust with the hackers actions, fans and followers of the former Disney star have rallied around their beloved, and are taking down anyone who attempts to circulate the pictures, or speak badly of Demi.

I mean, the stans are fierce, and fair play!


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