Demi Lovato Has Apologised For A Pretty Grim ‘Prank’ She Pulled On Her Bodyguard

This one's a bit crazy alright.

Pulling a harmless prank can be a bit of fun, but sometimes they can go a bit pear shaped and rub people the wrong way.

For Demi Lovato, a prank she pulled on her bodyguard is causing quite the stir.

When asked on Twitter about the funniest prank she’s ever pulled, Demi responded saying she once hired a sex worker for her bodyguard who showed up to his room and “grabbed his crotch.”

While Demi found the whole thing hilarious, some people were not as impressed, calling out the star for trivialising sexual assault:

After the backlash, Demi deleted the controversial prank post and then said:

That post then led to another slew of comments, which criticised the singer for her comparison of sexual assault and jelly beans.

Demi responded to the criticism with a tweet about her song Warrior.

The bodyguard himself came to the singers defence, saying the prank was just a joke:

Just stick to whoopee cushions and hand buzzers next time maybe, Demi?


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