Did We Just Get A Massive Hint About The Upcoming Season Of Derry Girls?

Okay, this seems BIG.

The second season of Derry Girls premiered in 2019, and since then, we’ve been starved of content from our favourite Derry bunch. But filming has begun for season three and will be on the telly soon. However, it seems one of the cast members couldn’t wait for the premiere and may have just spilt a major secret.

Dylan Llewellyn, who plays James on the show, posted a TikTok alluding to James and Erin being a couple.

In the video, Dylan, as his character, James, takes part in the Wildest Dreams TikTok trend. The trend involves Taylor Swift’s hit Wildest Dreams. The song plays as the user show a picture or video of someone they have a crush on before panning back to their own face using the slow zoom feature.

@djllewellynBit of James and Erin #derrygirls #fyp #jerin♬ original sound – Taylor Swift

“James” showed a clip of Erin for his crush before doing the pan and slow zoom.

Dylan captioned the video with, “Bit of James and Erin #derrygirls #fyp #jerin”

Woah, Woah, Woah, What! Jerin, they have a couple’s name already! This seems serious.

Viewers had been speculating that James and Erin might have feelings for each other since an episode in the second season, where Erin is stood up for prom, and James comes to her rescue.

This TikTok seems to confirm that James has feelings for Erin but is it a one-sided crush? We’ll just have to wait for season three to find out.


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And that’s not the only thing we’ve got to look forward to in season three. The iconic DJ Fatboy Slim will be making an appearance too. Fatboy Slim and Jerin, roll on season three!

Words by Slaine McKenna

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