Did You Spot This Major Filming Flaw In ‘You’?

Honestly, how did any of us miss this?


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Yep, we’re still out here talking about the latest season of You. It’s cringey, addictive, and exactly the kind of tv we love when it’s time to just switch off. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have already binged your way through the third season of the hit Netflix show, and you probably missed this awkward filming mistake too.

TikTok is great for many things, including revealing mistakes in films and tv shows that many of us missed – including this fatal flaw (if you haven’t watched it all just yet, spoilers ahead!).

One TikToker shared the moment on the platform and it has since been doing the rounds. Honestly, I’m just shocked we all didn’t notice this sooner.

In the clip, we see Love texting Marianne from Joe’s phone, with the conversation popping up on the screen and pictures of both Joe and Marianne beside the messages.

The message reads “come by my house ASAP. Emergency,” – but that’s not what we’re looking out for. If you look closely, you can see that the pic of Joe doesn’t really look like Joe at all.

TikTok user @annabellleryan zoomed in on the photo, and it’s all kind of obvious now. Check out the TikTok in question here.

This is all kind of gas, can the real Joe Goldberg please stand up?


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