Doing This One Simple Thing Could Help You Cut Out 1400 Calories A Week

It's stupidly easy.

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Deprivation doesn’t work. If we’re trying to cut out calories by eliminating all of our favourite foods we only end up feeling restricted, fall off the wagon and consume twice as much food as we would have if we were just eating normally.

So what’s the alternative? Well a study published in the Journal Of Human Nutrition And Dietetics has found that there’s a super simple way of cutting out 1400 calories each and every week, and all you gotta do is drink up.

Yep, that’s right, simply chugging down extra H2O is the key to cutting calories.

The study looked at the drinking and eating habits of 18,000 Americans and found that when people added an extra one to three cups of water to their diets a day they cut out an extra 205 daily calories, adding up to 1400 a week.

While the study didn’t go into details as to why the extra water consumption led to less calories, we can only assume it’s because water fills you up and reaching for a glass of the cold stuff means you’re less likely to confuse dehydration for hunger, and say, grab a big jammy doughnut from the coffee shop downstairs.

Whatever the reason, we’ll be drinking up from now on.


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