Dolly Parton Just Launched Her Very Own Pet Clothing Line

And you'll never guess what she called it...


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As if we didn’t love Dolly Parton enough already, she’s only gone and launched her very own toy and clothing line for dogs, and it even includes – wait for it – wigs for pets. We can’t DEAL!

Known for her seriously addictive country music and devotion to animals, the singer-songwriter launched the new line just the other day, naming it Doggy Parton (we know, genius!).

Sharing a video to her social channels, she revealed why she decided to create her own line saying, “Puppy Love was my very first record and six decades later, my love for pets is stronger than ever.”

“This inspired me to start my own line of Doggy Parton apparel, accessories, toys and more, with a little Dolly flair,” she added.


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Of course, in true Dolly Parton style, you can expect fringe-trimmed cowgirl dresses, rhinestone-bejewelled harnesses, gingham shirts and bandanas, concert T-shirts, toys and even a blond wig inspired by the singer for your little pooch to rock. We would expect nothing less!!

As part of the new collection, Dolly also opened a brand new website, which currently redirects to Amazon with prices ranging anywhere from €10-€25. While part of the proceeds will even go towards Willa B Farms, an animal rescue centre where “animals in need find never-ending love.” What a lovely idea!

Dolly has been a lifelong dog lover herself, owning a number of them and even credits her Boston Terrier, Popeye for saving her when she considered taking her own life following a bad break-up.


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To prove her love for dogs, even more, the country singer once offered to rehome a canine after it had been left behind after a performance of hers at Glastonbury Festival. However, much to her disappointment, he was reunited with his owners. 

Saying at the time, “I was kind of disappointed. I was planning to take her home and name her Glassie for Glastonbury.” We can’t blame you there Dolly!

You can check out her new collection here.


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