Dream Dinner Party With… Countess Luann

"I'm making Eggs á la Francaise!"

Photo by Mike Ruiz

We already caught up with the fabulous Countess Luann ahead of her new cabaret tour, Marry F Kill, hitting Dublin’s Vicar St. on Monday, June 3rd.

You can check out that chat with the Real Housewives star above, but now, let’s find out her Dream Dinner Party.

Firstly, if you could choose anyone in the world, who would your ideal guest be?

Joan Rivers. Joan Rivers. Judy Garland. Oh, gosh…Bradley Cooper. Oh my god. Can you imagine me, Joan Rivers, Judy Garland and Bradley Cooper? That guy would be busy, I can tell you that.

Would you have a theme or a dress code? 

Yes, Housewives.

And what are you cooking? Is it a lavish affair or low key nibbles? 

No, I’m making Eggs á la Francaise! 

Time to get ready! What are you wearing? 


What music are you playing to set the mood when everyone arrives? 

Gosh, Diana Krall. 

Photo by Mike Ruiz

What are you and your guests chatting about at the table? 

We’re chatting about how Joan is so brilliant at writing jokes, we’re chatting about Judy and her love affair with the stage, and to Bradley Cooper being a pretty good singer.

Do you have a signature cocktail that you would serve?

Yeah, the Countess Royale. 

Oh, what’s in the Countess Royale? 

No idea. 

OK, yeah, you’ll figure it out on the night. 

I’ll figure it out. Yeah, it’s going to look like a – How do you call it? What they drink on Sex And The City all the time? 

A Cosmo?

A Cosmo. It’ll look like a Cosmo. 

It’s going to be chic anyway. What about desserts? Do you want to finish with something sweet or are you more cheese board type? 

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate mousse. 

Is there entertainment?

Well, I’m sure Judy and I would have to sing something like (Luann starts singing) “Forget your troubles. Come on, get happy.” My favourite songs.

How does the night wrap up? Is it a late one or is it more chill? 

Oh, it’s wild. I mean, I can’t tell you what I wrap with. I don’t want to give it away. But it’s a ball. And it’s a big close.

Tickets to see Countess Luann: Marry F Kill! are available now at Ticketmaster.ie.

Words by Patrick Kavanagh