ETYNTK About The New Barbie Movie We’re *Already* Obsessed With

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that next year we’re getting our first ever live-action Barbie movie.

Mattel, the creators of the doll and Warner Bros have teamed up to bring everyone’s favourite fantastic plastic lady to life… and it’s shaping up to be quite the spectacle.

The movie boasts a serious cast, with the stunning Margot Robbie and heartthrob Ryan Gosling leading the bill as Barbie and Ken.

They’ll be joined on screen by Ugly Betty’s iconic America Feria, the hilarious Will Ferrell, SNL alumnus Kate McKinnon as well as sex-education stars Ncuti Gatwa and Emma Mackey (finally giving us the Robbie-Mackey collab we deserve!)

The internet has been flooded with pics of Robbie and Gosling taking to Venice Beach in matching neon lycra (do we sense the start of another 80s neon revival?)… and from what we can see, Greeta Gerwig’s set looks to be every Barbie fan’s dream.

From roller skating in Malibu to hitting the road in a hot pink convertible, the cast and crew seem to be having the time of their lives! There were even some celebrations on set, as Robbie was presented with an aptly themed pink barbie cake (8-year-old me is reeling) to mark the star’s 32nd birthday which fell during filming.

AND, as if we couldn’t be more jealous of the fun on set, Emma Mackey also revealed that the cast had a Barbie slumber party together – our invite obviously got lost in the post. But Emma shared the deets in an interview with Empire magazine, revealing “right in the beginning, we had a sleepover for the Barbies, which would involve playing games with Scott [Evans] and Ncuti”.

The cast got a chance to bond, and nurture some healthy competition, with Mackey adding “I don’t play games usually, because I get so competitive and angry. But Scott and I were top of the game.”

And no your eyes don’t deceive you… that is “Barbies”, plural… which means we will likely be seeing more than one version of the classic character! It looks like Mackey, Issa Rea, Alexandria Ship and Hari Nef, among others, will all be playing different iterations of the iconic doll!

So what else can we expect from the movie? Describing the movie, Mackey told Empire “Barbie is light and funny and silly and American and pink.” If the snaps from the set are anything to go by, it’s certainly delivering on all those fronts. From Cadillacs to double denim, as well as the stunning pink two-piece Margot’s been sporting, the wardrobe department is definitely serving iconic 80s barbie style

But with Gerwig behind the wheel, it’s likely this movie is going to deliver a bit more than just pink bell-bottoms. The director is the genius behind the most recent Little Woman remake and the best picture-nominated Ladybug (both starring our very own Saoirse Ronan), so if Gerwig’s past success is anything to go by, we’re in for a serious treat!

In an interview with British Vogue, leading lady, Robbie shared “People generally hear ‘Barbie’ and think, ‘I know what that movie is going to be,’ and then they hear that Greta Gerwig is writing and directing it, and they’re like, ’Oh, well, maybe I don’t…’”


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Gerwig teamed up with her partner, and the man behind Marriage Story, Noah Bauchman to co-write the movie’s script, so we know that there’s some unbelievable talent behind its story.

While the plot of the movie is being kept tightly under wraps, it sounds like this is going to be something special.

The movie is set for release in July 2023, so get your pink scrunchies and leg warmers at the ready girls because we will most definitely be donning our pinkest outfits when this flick hits the big screens!

Words by Ellen Glynn

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