Ever Wondered If The Gender Wage Gap Is Real? Amber Davies Just Proved It Is

She says that she was paid significantly less than her partner, Kem, for the same jobs

Cast your mind back to 2017 – I know a lot has gone on between then and now so it can be hard to even imagine a time where life was normal – if you watched Love Island that summer you’ll know that it was one of the show’s most defining series, and you’ll also know that Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay were crowned the winners of it.

While the two won as a team and vowed to split the £50,000 prize money 50/50, Amber has shared that upon leaving the villa and making various TV appearances, Kem was paid far more than his female counterpart.

“I have experienced the pay gap,” Amber said.

Opening up about life as a working woman on a documentary exploring the gender pay gap ‘Still working 9-5′, Amber says that although she and Kem both came in first place on the reality dating show, and were hired to work on TV shows as a duo, Kem would receive more money than Amber, causing her to eventually give up on making the appearances.

“When I won Love Island, the guy I won it with and I would do jobs together and he would get paid quite a bit more than me for the same jobs.

“So then I stuck up for myself and I was like ‘you know, actually, I’m not going to do the job, you can do it by yourself.’ So yeah, I stick up for myself.”


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Although unequal pay is now illegal in the UK, the gender pay gap still persists in most countries worldwide.

While systems are set in place to stamp out the pay gap across many nations, women such as Amber speaking out about the inequality they have faced is an important step in addressing the unconstitutional problem.

“The pay gap, still daycare and things like that for people’s children. Though we have made a difference and it is changing for the better, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.”