Everything Team STELLAR Is Loving This Week

It's the little things!

It’s been a busy week here at STELLAR, which has given us lots of things to be excited about.

From the launch of our Hayu InstaStar Awards (eek!) to decluttering our homes and trying out new cafés, we’ve been on the go and feeling the love as we do it.

Here’s some of the gorgeous things we’re enjoying this week.

Jade is loving… The Hayu InstaStar awards

They’re back – and they are, indeed, better than ever.

Earlier this week, Team STELLAR officially launched this year’s Hayu InstaStar awards in Dublin’s Hyde bar, honouring the best and brightest in online content creation.

Our class nominees have been chosen, and you can cast your vote – NOW, by going to stellar.ie/instastar. 

The event itself will take place in The Dean Townhouse on September 8, so you best get voting for your favs before then.

Lorna is loving…Heatless Curls


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I know, I know I’m late to the party again but I was dubious all right! I spent the best part of five years curling my hair with individual little foam rollers when I competed in Irish Dancing as a beginner – it resulted in tears and sleepless nights. Clearly they traumatised me in some way, so naturally I wasn’t too keen on giving this Silke London Heatless Curls Curler a try. However I’m glad I did because I won’t be going back to my damaging curling irons after seeing the fabulous curls this device produces with zero damage!

Aoife is loving… Rumi Café


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When a new café opened its doors across the road from the STELLAR office, our interest was immediately piqued – and Rumi did not disappoint. This charming local spot does simple, healthy food well; delicious fresh paninis, salads, soups, and sweet pastries. Their coffee is great, and the service is second to none; you’re guaranteed a warm welcome when you walk in the door.

My favourite thing about Rumi? It has to be their real, authentic Turkish delight. Forget what you learned from the dreaded Cadbury bar that did the rounds in the 2000s; trying the real thing will make you realise why that kid in Narnia betrayed his family… we get it, Edmund, we get it.

Jade is loving… A solid rewatch 

Previously on…

The two words that had a chokehold over my life in the mid noughties, as I blindly entered into my first ever TV obsession.

Lost first aired almost 20 years ago (I know), and I’ve probably watched those first three seasons approximately 20 times. No, that is not an exaggeration. Yes, I had very little else going on.

I recently decided to delve back to the island, and it has been an experience. It’s as incredible as I remember. It’s as exciting as I recalled. The writing is among the best TV has to offer until season five but we won’t talk about that.

I watched 10 episodes on the last bank holiday Monday. I’m having a great time.

Lorna is loving… Decluttering


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There’s something about a good declutter that soothes the soul. I moved back to Ireland just under a year ago now so while I did a massive declutter before I left London (much to my mum’s disgust), I’m back in my decluttering era going through my wardrobes, skincare, make-up and even books and donating anything that’s still in good nick or recycling anything that’s not. I’ve even taken to popping things up on depop if they’re unworn or a designer label. I can’t wait for that clean slate!

Aoife is loving… The Bear


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Yes, I know, I’m extremely late to this watch party. But I’m a very stubborn TV viewer, and I like to make up my own mind about what to watch (despite increasingly irritable recommendations from my loved ones, who know I’ll eventually give in and become obsessed with the thing long after they’re over it).

This show though – I’m hooked, and I’m only a few episodes in. It’s punchy, fast paced, human and funny; is it normal to tear up three times per episode? This devourable piece of media is tugging at my heart strings in totally unexpected ways. And I can’t stop thinking about it – I’ve got The Bear on the brain! If you haven’t already, be better than me – go and watch it. Now.