EYNTK About Andrew Scott’s New Erotic Audiobook Venture

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Andrew Scott Pic: Brian McEvoy

Andrew Scott has made Ireland proud the last few years.

From the Hot Priest in Fleabag to starring alongside Paul Mescal in All of Us Strangers which nabbed him a lot of Oscar buzz, his star power is on the rise.

He’s, as they say, booked and busy.

And his latest role has been revealed which is set to get hearts racing.

Andrew Scott, Paul Mescal Pic: Instagram/Paul Mescal

Audio series app Quinn has announced that the Dubliner will be their latest narrator for their erotic stories.

His dulcet tones will be lent to the new story The Queen’s Guard and will land on the subscription service on May 16th.

The actor plays Robb the Protector and in the clip announcing his involvement with the app, he says: “Look at you. Look at how beautifully your body bears the marks of everything you’ve been through. I could worship every one of them.”

And that’s just a very chaste taste of what will be involved in the racy tale.


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Later on in the video, Andrew explains why he got involved, saying: “I know a lot of you out there love a bit of fantasy and historical fiction. And I really think you’re gonna fall in love with this story.”

Fans lost their minds when the news was announced!

“Can I get this tattooed or is that too far,” one fan asked.

Another said: “This reveal altered me as an individual. Thank you for your service.”


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While a third commented: “New Bridgerton AND THIS? ON THE SAME DAY???”

Honestly, it’s all too much for us!

This isn’t the only audio project Andrew has taken on recently, as he has recently landed his voice to the Audible production of George Orwell’s 1984 alongside Andrew Garfield, Tom Hardy and Cynthia Erivo.

G’wan Andrew!