EYNTK About Paul Mescal And Andrew Scott’s New Film, All Of Us Strangers

We've got the lowdown.

Image via Searchlight Pictures

It is Paul Mescal’s world and we’re just living in it.

Earlier this month we got our first look at his film with Saoirse Ronan.

Now we’ve gotten a glimpse at his film with the Hot Priest himself, Andrew Scott and even more details of what to expect.

We knew that the pair were starring in a loose adaption of Taichi Yamada’s 1987 novel, Strangers.

Andrew Scott, Paul Mescal Pic: Instagram/Paul Mescal

But now we know that the film entitled, All of Us Strangers follows Adam (Andrew), a London-based screenwriter who strikes up a “chance encounter” with his neighbour Harry (Paul).

In new pictures obtained by Vanity Fair, we can see close-up shots of Paul and Andrew as their characters!

In one shot, the pair are standing on opposite sides of a lift, while in another Paul looks ruggedly handsome as he leans against a door frame.

Another picture shows Andrew chatting to a woman with a smile on his face.

Andrew Scott, Paul Mescal, Daisy Edgar Jones Pic: Instagram/Paul Mescal

The film also stars Claire Foy and Jamie Bell who pay Adam’s parents. We get a quick look at them as well decorating a Christmas tree.

The synopsis of the film, per Vanity Fair, is: “The film follows Adam (Andrew Scott), a 40-something writer living alone in a nearly deserted high-rise outside of London. His neighbour Harry (Paul Mescal) drunkenly flirts with him one night, a steamy, if messy, meet-cute that develops into a tender relationship.

“Between encounters with Harry, Adam finds himself drawn back to where he grew up. In that house left behind by the family long ago, he finds his parents (played by Claire Foy and Jamie Bell) getting on with life—odd, as his parents died in a tragic accident when he was a child.

“He’s hardly thrown off by their presence or their youthfulness; he finds comfort in merely being able to see them again. To tell them he’s gay. To understand them as adults. To imagine their bond that never could be.”

You can check out All of Us Strangers in theatres this December!