Fancy A Peek Inside James Charles’ New Mansion?

Oh to be young and rich

James Charles has just done what all young, rich YouTube stars do, and given us a tour of his brand new California mansion.

While many of us struggle to get even a toe onto the property ladder, 21-year-old James Charles has just bought himself a $7m house. But in his latest YouTube video, James says just how extremely grateful he is to own a home like this, so we suppose we can’t be mad at that can we? (maybe we’re just a teeny bit mad).

The YouTuber said that he bought the home back in November of last year, and has been renovating the place since then. Now that the entire home is finished, James has given fans and followers an inside look at his chic interior.

Looking like the total opposite of Gigi Hadid’s NYC home (it’s very decadent let’s just say), James gave us a look at his relaxed Cali home, which has a simple colour palette and modern boho vibes throughout.

In the tour, James shows us his two huge living areas, one of which has a floor to ceiling fireplace and grand piano. His wine cellar, which is actually filled with bottles of Coca-Cola, because he doesn’t drink wine, a massive walk-in wardrobe, a stunning kitchen (which he admits he doesn’t really use), his master bedroom, and his balcony area which is honestly nicer than most hotel lounge’s we’ve stayed in but sure look.

James did say that there would be a part two to the tour, as he said that there is even more for us to see. In the second part we’ll get the see his massive swimming pool and garden area, and his basement, nicknamed ‘Sisters HQ’, so we’re expecting some glamour.

You can check out the full tour below.


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