Fans Are Begging Holly Willoughby Not To Lose Any More Weight After Seeing *This* Pic

They're worried she's taking it too far.

Fans of Holly Willoughby have been calling on the star to put on some weight after she posted a new photo online of her looking rather slim.

It’s not the first time people have voiced their concerns. Throughout the summer, people were commenting on her Instagram pictures saying things like, “Jesus you look terribly thin” and “Is Holly ill? Please don’t lose anymore [weight], you have gone too thin.”

Today is no different. The mum-of-three posted a photo of herself wearing a sequin, rainbow, mini-dress, and while most of the comments are admiring her stunning sense of style, many of them are calling on her to eat more.


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One person said, “Someone give that woman a cheeseburger!” While another person wrote, “Stunning. But please don’t lose any more weight.”

Another said, “You’re tiny!” While a fourth commented, “You have lost so much weight. You look amazing, but you also looked amazing before x.”

Do you think it’s fair for people to comment on another woman’s weight? Or do you think it’s none of their business and that they should leave Holly alone? We’re definitely in the latter camp.

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