Fans Have Spotted A Serious Photoshop Fail On Blake Lively’s Latest Post

I mean, A+ for creativity though?


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Blake Lively has been ridiculed on her latest Instagram post for what fans claim is a “very obvious” photoshop fail.

The Gossip Girl took to Instagram last night to post a photo with her husband Ryan Reynolds, marking Ryan’s first time being able to vote in America.

And all would have probably been well and good, if Ryan didn’t go and post the same photo of the pair, accidentally highlighting Blake’s photoshop with fans.


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Posting the unedited photo, Blake appears to be barefoot on her toes, as she stands next to her husband. While in Blake’s exact same photo, she seems to be in pixelated sandals, with her toes slightly altered too.

Yes, we did some investigating of our own too.

Commenting on the photo, one fan wrote: “It’s the drawn on heels for me!”

While another chimed in saying, “Blake, sweetie, are you fr?!”

Thankfully, Blake isn’t taking it all too serious and put her hands up, admitting to her faux pas.

In classic humour from the 33-year-old, Blake reshared a photo whereby her husband photoshopped boots on her feet. Writing “I don’t see the issue…”

Continuing, Blake tagged shoe designer, Louboutin in a second Instagram photo, adding that if they’re looking for a “barefoot iPhone doodler”, to give her a call.

Honestly, it’s not the worst celeb photoshop we’ve seen, plus, having honesty to admit the error is what we love to see!


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