Fans Reckon Kylie Jenner Has Been Photoshopping Her KNEES On Instagram

Er, but why?

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Photoshopping on social media is nothing new: Khloé Kardashian, Beyoncé and Lindsay Lohan are among the celebrities who’ve noticeably tweaked images to make lines appear smoother or their waists appear smaller.

One person who has never been roped into the Photoshop debate though, is Kylie Jenner. Until now, that is. The 19-year-old’s boyfriend Tyga posted a photo on Instagram this week which soon had fans talking, not for Kylie’s raunchy post atop his lap, but for something out of the ordinary on her knee.

A weird lump on Kylie’s left kneecap soon sparked mutterings of a Photoshop error, with some commenters suggesting Kylie had tried and failed to retouch the image to make her legs appear slimmer. “Is that a nipple on her knee?” one commenter asked, with another adding, “What’s up with Kylie’s knee?!”

Other commenters noted that Kylie’s left leg appeared vastly slimmer and more shadowed than her right one. While at first glance it does seem as if Kylie’s knee lump and skinny left leg is down to some airbrushing gone awry, a closer look seems to reveal that it’s perspective, and not Photoshop that’s the issue.

See how the line of Kylie’s knee ends just below the lump? And how her lower leg actually ends well below Tyga’s?


“I’m not sure where you get a shrunken leg from ? Her leg is on the inside of his…” one of Kylie’s followers wrote in defence of the reality star.

Whatever’s going on, it’s a weird shot of Kylie’s leg, but somehow we reckon she’d never have okayed a photo with a “wart” or a “shrunken leg”…


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